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Last year, there were 10.45 million visitors to New Orleans, 27 times more people than actually live in the City.  The sheer number of visitors puts immense stress on our neighborhoods and cultural traditions, and with the recent legalization of AirBnB in the City, these pressures are likely to get worse--particularly in neighborhoods not equipped to handle large numbers of tourists.  The Good Visitor’s Guide to New Orleans will help to mitigate these impacts offering simple, direct, and practical advice on topics like second line etiquette, safetyand neighborhood courtesy. Most visitors don’t want to disrupt the lives of residents; rather, they want to experience New Orleans like locals do. This guide will help them do that, while also taking pressure off those that actually live here.

The Good Visitor’s Guide also has a special section dedicated to tipping.  In New Orleans, many musicians and most service industry workers make much of their living off of tips. In fact, minimum wage for tipped workers is only $2.13 an hour, so proper tipping is essential.  The Guide breaks down tipping for bands, street performers, bartenders, hotel staff, restaurant workers, tour guides and more. If every tourist in New Orleans tipped just $5 more per visit, an additional $50 million plus would go directly into the pockets of musicians and service industry workers.

The Good Visitor’s Guide to New Orleans will be a standard tri-fold brochure distributed free at information kiosks, hotels, coffee shops—wherever tourists frequent.  It will also be downloadable on our website.  Tourism in New Orleans can lead to problems, particularly in residential neighborhoods, but it also presents tremendous opportunity.   For only a few thousand dollars, the Good Vistor’s Guide to New Orleans will help mitigate the negative impacts while potentially increasing the income of musicians and service industry workers substantially.

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